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At Pala, we love all regional Italian pizza equally, from the Pizza al Padelino [pan pizza] to Sicily's thick-crusted 'Pizza Siciliana'. Pizza brings us back to our Rome trips filled with memories of warm summer evenings spend on piazzas with friends, whiling away the hours with 'pizza alla pala', wine and beer.

While Hong Kong's cuisine comes in many different concepts, from high-end Michelin-starred fine fining, American-Italian pizzas to a quick slice on the go, the lengthy masterpiece that is 'pizza alla pala' wasn't on any menu [at least not with an authentic Roman taste].

Pala is our attempt to recreate the "piazza experience" and to evolve this popular Roman street food to a quaint neighbourhood pizzeria concept that offers a small & approachable menu of gourmet pizzas, oven-fresh panini sandwiches, traditional salads & indulgent desserts at an affordable price.

With our courtyard garden, we hope you will create your own fond memories whiling away the hours with friends while sharing our Roman masterpiece by the slice or order the 12" round version with its super thin & ultra crispy base.


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