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The Perfect Pizza

There are many different types of Italian pizza. Let's take a closer look at what sets our dough apart & makes the perfect Roman-style pizza.

Being passionate about authenticity & health, we preserve tradition by using whole wheat organic Italian flour and a mix of grains that are lower in gluten, and higher in nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Apart from picking the right ingredients to deliver on flavour, we haven't forgotten about your health. Knowns for a variety of health benefits, including digestive health and the supposed control of diabetes, we use grains containing Arabinoxylan. What is it? It's a major component of the dietary fibre in grains and a type of cellulose obtained from the outer shells of wheat, rye, rice and other cereal grains.

With the dough being denser, we let it ferment/rise for 72-hours to develop its complex flavour & enzyme profile. and work the dough conscientiously by hand to keep it oxygenated. The results; a Roman-style oblong crust easier to digest, full of caverns, which is very light to the bite with a slight crunch and chewy texture or a 12" round version with super thin & ultra-crispy base.

They are authentic, healthier and have a taste you'll never forget.

Buon Appetito

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