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Hong Kong's Authentic Roman-Style Pizzeria

Our name is our provenance. Meaning 'Paddle Pizza' in Italian - a reference to the wooden long-handled shovel-like tool used to slide the pizza in and out of the oven - 'Pizza alla Pala' hails from Rome. With their rectangular shape, our pizzas stand out from other styles of pizza you may know.

Originated in the city's bakeries, bakers would stretch the dough lengthwise, top it with fresh ingredients, and serve it by the slice [al taglia] on a wooden paddle. Despite the dough being pushed by hand, the oblong base of our pizza has a crunchy exterior and a light and airy interior making it easy to digest.

What sets our pizzas apart is the fact that they are made with a highly hydrated dough [about 80% water] which ferments for 72 hours before being baked in an electric oven at a high temperature for 10-12 minutes.

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Our Dough

Pizza is pizza right? Not so fast!


Find out what makes our oblong-based pizza authentically Roman, super crunchy, easier to digest and healthier.


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What People Say About Us

" A Fantastic Pizza Bar in Wan Chai. I ordered a slice of Pizza Carbonara which was superb. Definitely coming back again to try out other pizzas"

Indy Li

Hong Kong 

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